Be Original

Be Original


” A cool breeze surrounds my world reminding me of what was and what now will be. Endless thoughts give way to fear and uncertainty, a warm embrace so familiar brings calm and a promise of brighter days.”


Hello, today I am posting this simple but not so simple, no line watercoloring card. I used a beautiful stamp by Picket Fence Studios called Jorden girl and I am extremely happy with the way the watery colors brought her to life.

So let’s talk about no line watercoloring, this is a technique, that I believe brings an element of elegance to a project like no other! All you really have to do is follow the lines. Once complete you are left with a beautiful watercolored image, that looks effortless. To achieve this look it is very important to use the correct ink, you want something that you will be able to see just enough to paint and disappears when painted. I like to use Ink on 3 fade out ink and my favorite for watercoloring is Ranger Distress ink Antique linen. Next paper, now depending on what type of watercolor you are using that will dictate the paper, because I used the Karin Pro Brushmarkers, I really liked these their colors are so vibrant but for them I needed to use Fabriano Hot press paper watercolor paper. I know just too confuse things we have Hot and cold watercolor paper, the difference is quite simple, hot is smooth and cold more textured. when you begin too watercolor this is a process, LAYERS, LAYERS, LAYERS, you know like Shreck onions are not only like ogers but watercoloring too! I find that watercoloring is very relaxing and so weather I am no line watercoloring or working on another project watching beautiful ribbons of color lazily float away on streams of cool water is most enjoyable.

All opinions are my own and all products were purchased by me. Everything I use is because I truly love it! Thanks for stopping by and remember stay home and stay safe!

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